Why do some children relish a challenge and others, though just as able, fall apart and become helpless if something is harder than they can handle?

2014.03.27, Thursday

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The popularity of the study of history has been steadily dropping in the United States. History, it turns out, is just “too boring.” Oh really? We strongly disagree. Perhaps it’s the presentation of history that is at fault, and not the history itself. History, art and education are intrinsically intertwined, as we hope to demonstrate. Please take some time to explore our wealth of articles on various topics of history that most mainstream books and sites ignore. And, before leaving, be sure to sign up for our free newsletter.


History of the Neurosciences in the USA Part II

History of the Neurosciences in the USA Part II

This is the second of two articles on the history of neurosciences. You’ll find Part I of this article here. Julius Axelrod was a biochemist who began his career working in pharmacology after famously being denied admission to medical ...