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The 2014 LittleCoffeeBreak Advent Calendar

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To add the Christmas spirit to LittleCoffeeBreak I have decided to create an advent calendar jam-packed with posts for you guys! Now, there are a couple of things to note however:

  1. If a pop up window appears after you having clicked on today´s number simply press continue!
  2. Where I live we celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve and all our advent calendars are there for counting down to the 24th and so I have decided to do the same thing here in our LittleCoffeeBreak world, so hope that’s okay!
  3. All posts will be displayed as usual about a day after they have been posted so if you don´t want to use the advent calendar you don´t have to t be able to see them, but you have to wait a bit longer!
    I´m so excited that our LittleCoffeeBreak world has our own advent calendar! Let´s count down to Christmas together!

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Day 18|Love actually inspired makeup

Love actually is pretty much everyone’s favourite Christmas movie classic, but where are all the makeup tutorials inspired by this film? The selection of love actually tutorials are kind of sparse so in an attempt to change that I have created a makeup look inspired by the love actually character Natalie. In short, a look that celebrates that love actually is all around! IMG_7634On the eyes Natalie wears a very light smoky eye so what I did was to apply some kohl eyeliner all over my lid and than blend that out with a Mac 217 brush. I also applied a thin line of liquid liner before applying my mascara. For blush, Natalie wears a pretty strong almost red one so I used makeup stores Sea shell blush in an attempt to recreate that. Now, we can´t forget about the lips as it is what defines Natalie’s look. She wears a pretty strong lip liner and the closes match to the shade she is wearing I could find in my makeup collection is Mac´s dervish. To add that slightly gold toned lip she has I used Chanel’s lipstick in superstition over the liner. To finish the lips of I used wild rose lip-gloss from Chanel.


I hope all my love actually fans out there found this a fun look and let me know is you would like to see some other movie inspired looks!

Day 17|L’Oreal Double Extension mascara review


I could have named this post “The holiday mascara” but decided to go the classic product name route instead but name drama aside this mascara truly is THE holiday must-have. Why, because this gives your lashes that almost fake lash super fancy look. As the name and bottle might imply this is a two-styled wand mascara where you first apply a clear serum to your lashes and then go in with the black colour and the result is some serious length. This product takes some getting use to and the first time I applied it I had to comb through my lashes with a clean wand to separate some clumps but after having gotten to know the mascara I can apply it super quick and get an incredible result. I love this stuff and will without a doubt repurchase it when this one runs out. But feel free to make up your own mind about it by looking at some “one eye with mascara and one eye without” type pictures below.



Day 16|What´s burning in my room?


“A twinkle in the eyes, a spring in the step and a sparkle in everything else make the holidays glow. We’ve added just a hint of clove to the spicy warmth of real imported stick cinnamon to bring you the season’s most sparkling scent.”


“Tradition reigns on Christmas Eve as anticipation builds for the excitement of the next morning. But on this night, we gather to relax and enjoy a quiet moment before the frenzy begins. The traditional holiday scents of a warm hearth, sugared plums, and candied fruits are the perfect accompaniment to one of the most joyous evenings of the year.”

Descriptions of candles from the Yankee candle site

Day 12|Erin Condren inspired filofax inserts

IMG_7583 IMG_7584

Can you guys believe that it´s only 12 days left to Christmas? It´s crazy! Anyways, today I wanted to tip all my Filofax and planner addicts out there about some amazing free inserts that I found whilst searching the net! The inserts, as shown on the pictures above, has the same sort of layout as the Erin Condren planner ones which I really like as it makes for some really easy decoration of your planner. I was so excited when I found these inserts over at mswenduhh´s blog! Click here to get the inserts yourself from her blog!

Day 11|Downtoon Abbey makeup

Want to see yet another post? The day 12 post is currently available through using the advent calendar above!
downton abbey makeup

Although it´s fun with crazy out there makeup looks sometimes all you really just want is a look, which enhances your natural features. What better place to get the inspiration for a look like that than from Downton Abbey. Today I’m sharing my Downton Abbey inspired makeup look.

When creating a look like this one, you really want to have that perfect, not makeup looking, face so when I did my base makeup I made sure to spend some extra time blending it al together. For blush, the ladies at Downton always have that natural healthy look so I simply went for a matt light pink blush in an attempt to recreate that. The same blush I than swept over both my lids to add on to that “I´m so healthy” look. With a light brown shadow I than lightly defined my crease area. For even more definition I took a darker shade of brown and lightly applied that close to my lash line. After having curled my lashes I went in with a very sheer layer of brown mascara to just define my lashes still keeping them look very much like my own natural ones. To finish my look off I dabbed my lips with a pinkish lip stain and also lightly lined them with a lip liner to give a more defined lip effect.


I´m aware this is a super natural look but sometimes that can be quite refreshing don´t you think?

Day 10|The products I’m currently using the most

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I´m a creature of habit and a lot of the time I end up reaching for the same products every single morning when I’m getting ready. As of lately I have been finding myself stretching for the Urban Decay Naked2 palette a bit more than usual. This eye shadow palette has been in my makeup collection for quite some time and I have always used it a lot however now I have started neglecting all other shadows and simply using this palette, it just has all the colures I could possibly want. A new favourite of mine, which I have been paring with my naked shadows, is the L’Oreal Double extension mascara. I feel a well-deserved review coming soon on da blog! For lips, I have been loving an old goodie, The Chanel wild rose lip-gloss. The colour of this lip-gloss is just a slight bit darker that your average lip colour and adds a bit of drama to your winter look. Hair vice I have been living of two different sprays, the Lernberger Stafsing Dark dry clean and the Vision haircare curl spray. Both of these products are just second day hair refreshers making my locks look better longer.