Your happy list.
Let´s have coffee. And read what you told me a few weeks back about your days. The best part of it. Some big things. Some small. But all as equally  wonderful. IMG_4293

♡ Today I found out that we are expecting a girl which is perfect since we already have a nearly 2 years old little boy. Now are family is perfect.

♡ I’ve just woke up with my cat hugging my head. He always makes me happy!

♡ I’m watching Mission Impossible today, and I’m very excited and happy about that!

♡ Waking up to yummy breakfast and my kitty in my face lol

♡ I’m hosting afternoon tea for a family friends 90th birthday she is arriving soon and I’m so excited!

♡ Something good about today, my husband had coffee waiting for me when I woke up!

♡ today is the 1st day after my boyfriend asked me to marry him! I’m so excited!

♡ Today I woke up feeling like my cold was getting better and having more energy

♡ I have breakfast with my brother! He cooked and it was really good!

♡ Our day was so good. We were Gifted a therapy dog for my daughter who has special needs. We were so honored and seeing my daughter be able to bond with the puppy today has made my heart so happy. Tears of joy and happiness!!

♡ Today I will take care of myself, put a mask on my face, do my nails and take a very very long bath! And that’s what makes me happy.

♡ My niece and nephew came to visit today. Love them sooooo much!

♡ Today was my mom’s birthday so we got her cake and ice-cream and then I took her out to eat. She was so happy about her birthday presents from me and that made me happy. I love giving.

♡ something good about today just relaxing and catching up on some reality TV

♡ today I found my first job finally

♡ Today I finished a small project ive been working on.

♡ I was sick for serval months, so I couldn’t finish school. I thought I had to take the whole school year again, but my teacher didn’t want me to go over something they knew I didn’t have to, so today I got the message that I will start my 2 year now and take the exams from last year at the end of this year. I am so happy. I know I will have a lot of exams at the end of this year, but I don’t care. If I want, I can!

♡ Seeing my beautiful daughter smile and getting lots of hugs but. That’s every day

♡ The sun is shining!!!

♡ Today my boyfriend close my eyes in the date and we went at a park !!!!( I was with closed eyes ) and when we arrived at the park he said to me to open my eyes and i saw a table for 2 and then he sang me with his guitar !!!!!!!!It was the best day of my life !!!!!! I don’t lie ♥♥

♡ Love my god sister!! She’s only 11 months and make me laugh and smile!!

♡ Something good about my day: I’m feeling quite genuinely happy.

♡ watched tinkerbell this morning!

List created from this film.

Little extras ║Costume accessories
Look at my favourite extras! To add some pixidust to any daily costume. An old man watch to make sure i´m in time for tea. A necklace that says pixidust on it. And some rose gold rings. For you always need rose gold rings.IMG_4366 copy IMG_4370 copy IMG_4371 copy

Now my little christmas lights i´m leaving this world of magic for the day to return to a somewhat boring reality. Filled today with some anxiety. I try to shake it but it will not leave. But it´s one these types of days where it´s so important to remember that even though it feels like it now, feelings like this don´t last forever. And to remember the coffeebreaks. The little things. So please make me feel better by telling me something you are happy about today. Perhaps we can make a happy list together? I´m happy about my christmas tree. And of course i´ll send you postcards of it soon.

I´m currently reading a book that talks a lot about the importance of having things you really love around you. To truly create a universe that is not only your own, but also filled with what ever you want and love. So here are some artwork things stuff that my family and I have that I really like. no love.

IMG_4324 copy

My sister and I.

IMG_4300 copy

Paintings times two.

IMG_4307 copyIMG_4319 copy

My dad is a bluesmusician and we keep some of his moments from the past. makes me smile. I don´t know why.

IMG_4298 copyFabric. full stop.

bestest pamper products times a million
IMG_4348 copy

I believe in fairies. I do. I do. And in caring for yourself. With a pamper routine. Especially when baby it´s cold outside. Add coffee, saffron rolls and a Christmas movie and you have a treasure map to merriness. Here is a handwritten list of the bestest pamper finds.

Emma S. – Ageless enxyme peel mask. Clear your skin and remove any dirt that your skin may have collected after your travels. It removes dead skin cells and gives your skin a nice glow so that you are ready for new Christmas adventures.

Biotherm – Bomains. I believe this to be my most favourite cream ever. Ever. I actually wrote a text on it. In past time. So go read it now in the present.

The body shop – Camomile cleansing balm. I use this balm when I massage my face. Which I do a few times a week. The routine I follow I learnt from my fairy godmother Lisa Eldrige in this video.

bareMinerals – Pure Transformation Night Treatment. This must me some sort of magical pixiedust because I have never had a skincare product make such a big difference so quickly as this one. You apply it before dreamland and when you wake up, you look. A wonder product that I use days before special events. Such as Christmas eve.

Chanel – sublimage eye cream. This is not a pamper for my eyes. It´s for my soul. A way to tell myself that I care for myself. It was a gift and whenever I feel blue it makes me feel gold.

Now, I’m off to have a tea party at my craftjob. Or i´m just going to my craftjob but in my head I’m having a tea party tooooo.

Monday pep
IMG_4534 copy IMG_4533 copy

Happy new week! Fresh times a million coffee cups.
I´m feeling pep pep pep for the new week and and here are a few monday links to make you feel that to.

be my little baby is my pinterst board filled with love. And love always makes me feel happy. Right now i heart no one in particular and that feels really dreamy.

A christmas jumper like this one has to make you monday pep. Or christmas pep. Or everything is to cute pep.

How amazing and magical isn´t this video all about advent calendars. So. much. Christmas love.

Have a look at this amazing instagram world that is Hannahs. She writes like no other and has a way of explaining feeling that always makes me. feel. It´s a nice place to be.

Before you go, have a listen at this most bestest song ever. Something to add to your spotify playlist and have as your monday soundtrack.

Now i´m off to drink coffee, watch a youtube video and then try to write. something. 

IMG_4566 copy