Planner HaulIMG_2750

Christmas came early for me this year as this little beauty reached my doorstep yesterday. I was kindly gifted this amazing planner from a company called LimeLife Planners. Of course I will do a video down the line sharing how I set it up and my thoughts on the planner but I have already started decorating this week and wanted to give you a sneak peak of that and the planner it self.



What do you think of my new organizer?

Dreams for August

Happy first of August! Whilst I´m on a little mini over the day road trip with mi familia I’m leaving you with a list of all the things I’m currently dreaming about doing this very month.

9aa9d4dd4e648f08d1393a9e389ab27b ❀ I want to walk by the seaside even when it´s not sunny or warm outside just for the reason that it´s beautiful. Feel the wind on my face. Smell the sea.

9dadbecf8156174e04221827cc1c66af ❀ I want to watch old black and white movies and dream about a different era.

c36f2898e016834d5c2d2a10b54ca326 ❀ I want to plan. Plan plan plan for my future apartment. Create endless lists of how I envision it to be.

cc9a0f45134fa02b8d9026bb1f62fedc❀ I want to get out of my comfort zone in many accepts of my life but one being appearance. I want to wear different clothes, do my makeup different and get a tattoo. Search in every corner of my mind and the Internet for the perfect tattoo.

10f4f171aea4694d2cc0bce3dfb76c9f❀ I want to find neverland. Or Wonderland for that matter. I want to see the magic here, in this moment. See that I’m actually already there. I just need to open my eyes. Open my eyes to all the magical moments that I get to experience every day.

64150473c79f1439228e477229b72e81 ❀ And I want to braid my hair. Just like in the picture.

What do you want August to bring you? Please let me know in the comments.❀.

*Pictures from pintrest*

Moving to Neverland  ♢China haul

In about a month’s time I will be moving to a new city and into my first very own apartment and I’m beyond excited. I mentioned just yesterday how important my room is to me so the idea of having an entire apartment of my own makes me over the moon with excitement. Ever sense the decision of me moving was made I have been collecting little bits and pieces here and there to fill my new little space with. Sense this will be the first place of my own there is a lot of things to get. One of my favourite things so far that I have been going shopping for is the china. My starter kit of china isn´t complete yet but I have managed to find some bowls and side plates that I’m absolutely in love with. As with all things I love I wanted to share it here.
In my Internet space.


Of course I will bring you along on this journey with me and share all of my future adventures of decorating my space in this universe.

Decorate with dresses

They say fashion is a way of expression and I believe that to be true but rather than just wearing my costumes I like to use them as an expression of my self in my room. My room is my space in this universe. My place that is completely my own and it´s something I feel so grateful to have. To think that I have a place of my own in this world seriously blows my mind sometimes. So to care for my space and make the most out of it is something I take very seriously. To bring personality and feeling to a space don´t always require you to go out and buy something, use what you have and what better way to decorate your room that with your clothes What could be more personal?


What is your favourite thing in your room?


The polka dotty camera strap

Look what a little treasure I have found! I went for a little treasure hunt all over the internet and finally found the red cross on my map: A polka dotty camera strap colourful as the rainbow.

Lucky for you I’m willing to pass on my map so if you are interested in this amazing camera strap it can be found at the Candy leather Etsy shop!
Link here