Tea party #15|I´m a Filofax addict!

Hi everyone!
So today I’m keeping it super causal here in our little world because I’m actually quite sick. I’ve gotten the worst cold but hopefully a nice weekend is just what I need to feel a bit better. I´m afraid that today you all have to munch on all the tea party goodies without me but I’m not going to leave you completely empty-handed because I will pop some picture below of some weeks in my planner. I have gotten so obsessed with the whole scrapbook thing and may or may not have started a project life album, but more on that another day. Wishing you a lovely weekend but I’m skipping the whole “sending you hugs” thing today, I don´t want you to catch my cold!


Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C. Review

One of my all time favourite bags that I own has to be the Rebecca Minkoff Mini M.A.C purse! I know that when it comes to buying handbags I’m always searching around for different reviews and blog posts on the bag before actually getting it just so that I can get an idea off if I really want it. I thought I would pop up some pictures and info about this bag for anyone out there who might be interested in getting one.
IMG_7374For some basic facts about the bag it´s worth mentioning that the handle actually is removable so that you can carry the bag as a clutch. However I have never done this because I think it looks much better as a pure but the option is still there. The bag doesn’t have too much space inside it, just enough for the must have handbag items like phone, wallet, lip-gloss etc. Another feature I think is important to share is that I have used this bag quite a lot and it´s been exposed to all types of weathers like both poring rain and summer heat and hasn´t really had any markings or destruction at all yet! It´s actually quite impressive when thinking about it!

Now, the exact model of the mini mac I have is the almond one with gold hardware and below is illustrated what the colour looks like with and without using a flash on the camera when taking the photo. Also a little zoom in of some of the gold details.

With flash:  IMG_7368

Without flash: IMG_7371 IMG_7373
For more info on the bag click here!

The face brushes

IMG_7314My favourite thing about getting ready in the morning is to get to use my makeup brushes. It makes me feel like an artist. Makeup brushes is quite an investment but they can really transform the makeup applying process and the results. I thought it would be useful to do a little brush guide where we chat a little about different brushes and its uses. Today we are focusing on the face brushes.

The foundation brushes – Here you have two main routes to go down, you can either choose a flat classic foundation brush or a stippling brush. The main difference between these two is the finish it will give you look. A classic flat foundation brush will make for a more full coverage look whilst the stippling brush will give a more natural finish. When you use the stippling brush you simply first stipple the product all over your face and than, using circular motions, blend it all together. The classic foundation brush you use more or less as a paintbrush and “paint” the foundation on. I honestly use both these types of foundation brushes as I find that different foundation fits with different application tools. It´s a bit of a trial and error situation the first time I use a new foundation.

The blush brush – This is a pretty self explanatory brush but one thing to note is that the more dense your brush is the more product it´s going to pic up there for if you want a very natural finish perhaps look into getting a softer brush and vice versa. My favourite blush brush ever is the one shown on the picture above: the dior blush brush.

The contour brush – Let´s be real, you don´t really need a specific brush to be able to contour your face but if you happen to love makeup or like me be super lazy than a brush that does all the work for you could be a real lifesaver. The one I’m currently using happens to be from Chanel and is quite massive. However the shape of it is pretty standard for contour brushes and makes it so easy to swipe some bronzer underneath your cheekbones. One little swipe an your good to go!

The powder brush – For me one of the most important qualities for a powder brush is softness. Because I do sometimes suffer from a little bit of acne I want a powder brush that is going to apply powder lightly to my face after I have done my base so that it doesn’t remove for example concealer on blemishes. I use the eco tools powder brush as of now and it´s one of the softest brushes, ever!

Cure winter blues

I love this time of year, it´s to me just the perfect season but I addmit that some days, espesially in late november can feel a little gray and just like most of us get that obligitory cold we also get the winter blues! But don´t worry, I have some tips to cure that nasty winter blues.


1. Embrace the cold. This time of year no one will question you snuggling up in blankets and having a movie marathon. Light some candles, eat some chocolate and don´t forget the must have teacup. There is nothing better than coming home to your cosy room after having been outside in the cold.

2. Have a spa night! Once again this is the season to care and pamper for yourself. Hydrate your dry winter skin with some hydrating good smelling lotion and search the Internet for DIY facemasks. Why not give yourself a manicure? May I suggest a red nail polish?

3. If you feel like the winter moths isn´t your cup of tea and you can´t wait for spring and summer? Why not bring some of that to for example your room, get some fresh flowers, and add some bright colures. Who says winter has to be a time for darker colures, you do what makes you happy!

4. My last and most favourite tip that I personally live by all year round is to pay attention to the little things because they can be such a happiness booster. If your wondering what I mean by that than here are some little things that adds the biggest of difference; A decorated planner, fairy lights, Coffee, poky dotty pencil pouch, darker blushers, once upon a time and giving a friend a call. That’s just some of my Littlecoffeebreak moments, don´t forget to notice yours!

Tea party #14|The me time tag

IMG_7156What do you watch or read during me-time? I have mentioned before that I´m really obsessed with Once upon a time. Whenever I just want to relax I feel like that Tv-show simply is the best company because the story is a mixture between exciting and a magical fairy-tale. When it comes to reading I´m totally a fantasy and sci-fi type book girl so anything in that category is pretty much perfect.
What do you wear during me-time? Yoga pants! My mom got me these super soft pair from Rituals and I’m in love! To go with that I would just simply wear a PJ top.
What are your me-time beauty products?
I love body shop products when I want to give myself a little extra pamper. My favourite products are the Moringa and Mango body butters and shower gels. The smells are to die for!
Current favourite nail polish? For this time of the year I’m about anything a bit darker really and OPI linking park after dark is a classic. However all year around I’m totally a pastel kind of gal!
What do you eat/drink during me-time? Chocolate! In any shape and any form. As I’m writing this I’m snacking on some dark Chocolate with some orange flavour to is, hihi ops!
Current favourite candle? I could never just choose one candle, that’s just an impossible task. Here is a post for you all with my top three candles.
Do you ever have outdoor me-time? All the time! I love taking walks with my dog and just get some fresh air. If I’m feeling a bit stressed I find it the best remedy.
Would you ever go see a movie alone? That would be so cosy and I would totally love to do a Carrie Bradshaw and go to the movies alone on date night. Anyone who knows what I’m talking about is awesome!
Favourite online shop? Probably Zalando. It´s free shipping and free returns! Who could ask for more?

Coffee with friends: Rebeckas beauty faves

Good morning starshine the world says hello, right I think you all know the rest. Today I’m not going to be the one rambling on and on in the littlecoffebreak world because today all eyes are on my beautiful best friend Rebecka. Some days ago we got talking about her favourite beauty products, or it was more of an interrogation, and I wrote down what she said so that I could share it with you guys. Littlecoffebreak isn´t just my world, it´s anyone’s who wants to be a part of it and so it´s important to me to incorporate others. Okay time to flashback to Rebecka and my little coffee talk about makeup.
IMG_7039“For my base makeup I always use bareMinerals makeup, I use the products that came with the starter kit. In the kit you get for example a foundation, concealer, setting powder, bronzer as well as three brushes, a foundation, concealer and blush one. The only thing I don´t like about the kit however is the bronzer because it´s way to dark for me. I wish they would vary the bronzer colour according to whether you get a light, medium or dark skin-color starter kit.

I apply my foundation using a fluffy brush and than I work it into the skink using circular motions to really make it look natural. Oh, I also use a primer on days I want my makeup to last a bit longer or I want to feel a little extra fancy. The primer I use is also from bareMinerals.

IMG_7074A handbag staple for me is Mac´s blotting powder. It´s great to use to touch-up throughout the day! When it comes to blush my favourite one is Nars orgasm. It´s a bit shimmery and perfect both for everyday or if I’m going out at night. I got it about a year ago when I was in New York and even though I use it a lot I still have more that half of the blush left!

IMG_7061The mascara that I’m currently using is Lancôme’s doll eyes mascara. I really like the shape of the wand and it really suites my lashes nicely as I have so many of them. I like the volume that it gives and the fact that it doesn’t clump. I always apply mascara to both my upper and lower lashes as I think it opens up my eyes nicely. A little mascara tip of mine is that after I have applied the first coat I go back and apply a little more just to the top of my lashes and it really lengthens them. You can really see the difference. Sometimes I don´t event bother with any other makeup, I just apply the mascara and I´m good to go.

IMG_7064I never really were eye shadows, I prefer a more natural makeup look. For my lips I usually just apply the Body shop mango lip butter. I really like it, it´s very moisturising and gives a tad bit of shine. I really like the finish and it´s perfect if you don´t want anything to crazy.

I always store my makeup in my makeup bag. I love the size of the bag because it´s so easy to bring with you.”


Thank you Rebecka for being so awesome and helping me create this blog post. It was super fun! You’re simply the best friend anyone could ask for and I love you loads, but you already know that!