The non-scary fall lip colures

When fall and winter season rolls around the number one beauty trend every year pretty much are simply slightly darker colures. And when it comes to lip colours they are not always slightly darker but full on almost black red lipsticks. My self and some of you guys who might love sporting more natural makeup might me a bit intimidated by those darker colures. Here are my natural, but slightly darker, fall lip colours top picks. In three different formulas I might add so there is something for everyone here! IMG_7022MAC dervish lip liner – This is a good mixture between pink and a sort of mauve colour that just becomes a slightly darker version of your own natural lips. When rocking a darker lip I find that lip liner either on its own (applied over your entire lip) or with another colour on top, is a lot easier to get right as you have a bit more control over the product. You don´t want lipstick all over your face now, do you?
L’Oreal Paris nr 231 lipstick – When I first spotted this lipstick I didn´t think it was going to be anything for me but how wrong I was. This almost browny lipstick might look a bit intimidating in its lipstick form but applies just a sheer dark tint to your lips. Just be carful not to apply it to harshly, it´s easier to add more colour than to remove it. I would even suggest applying the colour using your finger for a lighter touch.
Chanel Wild Rose lip-gloss – Forget the sheer glosses that don´t give any colour and go for the darker and more pigmented options. This lip-gloss gives your lips a dark glossy finish and the formula of it is really amazing as it lasts, in lip-gloss time, very long. I find that this is one of those colures I can apply when I don´t have a mirror on hand or when I’m rushing out the door and i´m sure it will finish of my makeup look perfectly. A handbag staple for me during this time of the year.


Note: I know it´s Friday and that usually means tea party post but I thought I would change it up a bit this week! What do you think about the tea party posts? Or do you have another series in mind you think would be fun to see here in the Littlecoffeebreak world? I love to hear your opinions and suggestions because you are just as much a part of this little world as me!

Why do I wear makeup?

IMG_6082makeupI feel like Littlecoffeebreak is a place were we can talk about all sorts of things but I do write a lot a lot of posts about beauty as I find makeup really fun. However, I think it´s important that we all ask ourselves once in a while why we wear makeup and to really remember that it´s not something required to be beautiful and confident. I bet I sound like a hypocrite now but what I’m trying to say is that I think you should wear makeup for the right reasons. For me, applying my makeup in the morning is fun and a way of telling myself that I’m ready to take on the day. I also wear makeup for me, because it´s a way of treating myself and telling myself that I deserve to be cared for. I want to spend time on things that’s just for me as a way of showing myself love. I want you to wear a pink lip or contour your face if you enjoy it and find that it makes YOU feel good and not because you think others expect it. Life is to short to think about how others might see you, spend time of things valuable to you!

Small Filofax stuff haul

Okay, so this is pretty weird having a post for you guys go up in the morning rather than the afternoon (at least it´s mooring here were I live right now). I guess I just felt super spontaneous and crazy and thought I’d try this out. But as always I’m really curious to know what you think, when do you prefer getting a new post? PLEASE tell me in the comment and I’ll adjust it to your liking!
IMG_7013 IMG_7015
Anyways, let´s get on with todays post shall we? I have to be honest and say that this week so far has been crazy busy for me so I thought we´d keep it really casual and relaxed here and just do a little haul. I wanted to share some new sticker and paper I got for my Filofax. I´m having a new system planed out and I’m so ridiculously excited and can´t wait to share it with you all! I think I have finally reached planner peace! What do you guys think about an updated planner tour soon?

Tea party # 11|The October coffee mug

Are you craving some scones and tea?! Great, because it´s officially time for my Friday tea party and it´s not just any tea party it´s the coffee mug edition. Today I just had to share my favourite October coffee mug, and yes I have one coffee mug dedicated to every month! What can I say I just love me some cute coffee mugs.

IMG_5430mug1If you didn´t know already I’m totally obsessed with the Moomin coffee/tea mugs! They are just simply so cute and nostalgic. Over the year I have gotten myself a little collection of them and my newest addition is this Moominpappa mug, which was a gift from my sister. I think it´s absolutely perfect for this time of the year!IMG_5430mug2Oh and before I forget it, if you have any video requests please leave them in the comments so that I know what type of videos you guys want to see! Hope you have an amazing weekend!

In October we wear pink|Makeup and awareness ribbon tutorial

rosa sminkning produkterToday I´m sharing a pink makeup look inspired by the important message of October. In October it´s tradition to wear the pink awareness ribbons to honor survivors, remember those lost to the disease, and to support the progress to defeat breast cancer. So let´s just all rock the beautiful colour of pink this month to show our support. Here is my pink makeup look.

IMG_6963rosettFor my eyes I simply just applied a shimmery pink shadow all over my lid and then to blend it out in the crease I used Mac´s Wedge. To define my lash line I used a darker brown shadow, Mac´s handwritten, and this just makes for a slightly smoky look. For this pink makeup look I went for a strong super pink blush and then I applied a baby pink lipstick and the look is complete.IMG_6966rosettI know this is a makeup post but I thought I would insert how to make an awareness ribbon yourself in case you want to show your support. This awareness ribbon for breast cancer tutorial is taken from the website which you can visit if you want more information about the disease.
“You will need:
Three inches of pink ribbon, a quarter-inch wide.
One small safety pin
Needle and small length of pink thread (optional)
Options to attach to a lapel:
The small safety pin used above
Double stick tape
Cut a three-inch length of ribbon, snipping both ends at an angle. Lay the ribbon out horizontally with the shorter edge on top. Hold down the ribbon’s midpoint. Grasp the left end and fold so it points down and slightly across the midpoint. The fold can be a soft curve or a crisp line. 

Fold the right end in the same way so the ribbon crosses itself about a half inch below the fold. Where the ribbon crosses itself, use the small safety pin to hold the ribbon in place, concealing the pin behind the ribbon. This same pin can be used to attach the ribbon to a collar or lapel. You’ll need to remove the pin from the ribbon, saving the fold, then work from inside your shirt to pin on the folded pink ribbon. 
Options: The ribbon can also be sewn together where it crosses by machine or by hand with a few stitches of pink thread. You can also use super strength glue to hold the ribbon together; then double stick tape or a safety pin can hold it to lapel.”

3 fall candles perfect for cold nights

IMG_6929Yankee Candle Blissful Autumn – Blissful Autumn is reminiscent of crisp autumn air with orchard fruit breezes, blissfully brisk and woody. Let your senses soar, revive your mind and energize your soul.

IMG_6935Jo Malone Green Tomato Leaf – “Glasshouse tomatoes. Earthy, leafy and full of sunshine. Crisp with stem-green galbanum. Lively with artemesia, fruity with cassis, resting on a cushion of moss. Tangy and evocative.”

IMG_6938Rituals Lotus secret – “Enriched with calming ingredients Yi Yi Ren and White Lotus. Burn this candle in your living room, bedroom or bathroom to create a special atmosphere.”

Note: All descriptions of the candles have been taken from the different brands websites, as I’m rubbish at describing scents. Simply give these candles a sniff, you won´t be disappointed!