Coffee W. author Kendare Blake

Writing a book requires a lot of self-motivation, what motivates you to keep writing?
Strangely enough, writing is its own motivation. I’ve never been in the middle of a book or a story and realized that I didn’t want to be writing it anymore. I’m invested in every tale I tell, in the characters and their worlds. It would feel like a betrayal of them, or at least a disservice to them, to stop. Even the stories that will never be published have their ends.  Plus, if I don’t write at least a little something…after a while I get fairly cranky. People notice.

 What does an average day of work look like for you?
There are no average days of work! Or at least, they tend to vary enough to keep it interesting. Some days will be split on the business of writing, mailing and website updates and returning emails. Some days the writing is good and I’m finished after two or three hours. Some days the writing is bad and I’m finished after two or three hours. Sometimes I’m at it for ten straight. Occasionally there’s a cat in my lap and I stop writing to pet him every...minute and a half or so. I try to remember to break for lunch, then wind up eating lunch at four in the afternoon.


I´m currently reading your book Antigoddess and I´m loving it! What inspired the book and how did the process of writing it look like?
Oh, thank you! I’m so glad you’re enjoying it. Antigoddess came from a desire to write about the Trojan War. I love the Iliad, and the Odyssey, and I’ve always wanted to write those characters. The ones who had it rough: Hector, Cassandra, Andromache in particular. I guess I wanted to give them a second chance. But I mucked that up horribly, because over the course of the Goddess War books their lives get progressively worse. Whoops.

The process of writing it was a series of false starts. I wrote two entire novels about Cassandra before I realized why they sucked: she didn’t want to be the main character. She doesn’t like the spotlight. I can’t say that I blame her. And about a year or so earlier, I had written a vignette featuring dying Greek goddesses. Once I figured out that I needed to expand and incorporate that concept, the book came together fairly easily.  Except for Cassandra’s storyline, which needed to be rewritten an additional two times. She’s so…difficult!

You write mostly series, do you find that writing a second book in a series is pressuring due to expectations from your readers? How do deal with that pressure?
Interesting thing about publishing timelines: often an author will write the sequel before the first book comes out. For instance, my next series starts with a book called THREE DARK CROWNS, which comes out in 2016. But I’m going to be writing the sequel to it this summer. By the time I know what readers are hoping for, or what they expect, the sequel will already be in the can.

But there is pressure, when you launch a new series. It’s new, it’s different, and you know that some readers from your first series won’t follow to the next, and you know that some who do won’t like the new one as well as the old, or perhaps they won’t like it at all. But you worry about that stuff with every book. All you can do is write the book you want, and write it as well as you can.


Which existing book did you wish you wrote?
Lots. No, wait. I don’t wish that I’d written any of my favorites, because then I couldn’t experience my favorites in the same way, from a reader’s standpoint, and I wouldn’t give that up for anything. So, I guess I wish I wrote something famous that I’ve never read. Madame Bovary. I wish I had written Madame Bovary. But only for a few more months, because I plan to read it soon.

Thank you to Kendare Blake for not just answering the questions but also for doing so in such a fun way! I´m so obsessed with this girl’s style of writing and couldn´t be more honoured to have such an amazing writer be part of LittleCoffeeBreak. If you haven’t read any of her books you simply have to! To learn more abound Kendare she is on twitter @KendareBlake, Facebook, or reachable through her website, kendareblake.c

The one shadow look


As much as all of us love makeup sometimes you are not in the mood to apply product after product but you still want a quick fix that makes you look presentable. Recently this has been me a lot. So what I have been doing to, regardless my laziness, feel dolled up is the one shadow look. The one shadow look basically means using one shadow all over your eyes,
*mind blown*.

I love sweeping a brown shimmery shade all over my lid and then just go crazy with the blending. My current favourite shade to use for this look has been Snakebite from the Naked 2 palette. I believe the key for a look like this is blending, making sure that everything look even, then again that is probably the key to any eyeshadow look.


The 200$ cream I got for free

I know it´s crazy right? Long story short I was in a local shop the other day that use to sell Chanel products but for some reason they had decided to stop and now they didn´t sell Chanel anymore but they did have one last product available, the Chanel Sublimage eye cream, but because they wasn´t an authorised Chanel store anymore they couldn´t sell it so the lady in shop basically just said: You can have it! So here I’m sat a girl in her late teens with a 200 dollar eye cream that I didn’t pay for and probably don´t need but sometimes you’re in luck!

It´s obviously hard for me to objectively review a product like this one as I haven’t paid for it and let me start of by saying that at this point in my life I never would no matter how great it might be. But I still wanted to share some of my thoughts on the most luxurious product I have ever tried because when will I get the chance again?

The Chanel sublimage la crème yeux, yepp that´s its full French name, is a very heavy and thick cream. And for some reason typing that felt as if it sounded negative but I actually meant it in the most positive sense as I have never tried a cream that you need such a tiny amount off and still moisturises your skin so well. We are talking almost nothing required for your entire eye area! The cream really moisturises deep and when I wake up in the morning after having applied it, it feels as if my under eye areas have been treated with a beauty sleep. Speaking of a heavy cream I was shocked when I first held the container in my hand as it´s so freaking heavy. I believe that the packaging is made out of glass which makes it feel very luxurious.

Overall the product itself is really great and I think it would work amazingly especially if you are a bit older as it´s so rich in moister. However when one looks at the price tag one can´t help but wonder if any beauty product really is worth those big bucks.

PicMonkey Collage w
Coffee W. Theangelshoppe

Where did you get the idea to start a store selling paper clips?
I got the idea of making paper clips from scrapbooking! I love to craft and I thought that if I could make something for other people that reminds them of their favourite food, animal, their pet, and make them happy then at the end of the day, that makes me happy.

How does the process of creating a paper clip look like?      
Making paper clips takes a while, as each of my paper clips are handmade and made to order. My mom helps me with my orders, without her I don’t know how I would be able to get them done on time.


Do you have any advice for anyone wanting to start their own Etsy store?
For anyone who wants to start their own Etsy shop, I would say to make sure you love what you are doing. If you love what you do, people will admire your passion and love your products. It takes a lot of time, devotion and patience to start one up, so just make sure you are prepared to put in the time.

Do you combine your own business with other work and if so how do you make sure not to get completely stress out?
I have a full time job, and luckily my job can be somewhat flexible. There are times when I feel overwhelmed with trying to juggle work and my shoppe, but I have a lot of support from my family, friends and my boyfriend. Their support is what helps to keep me motivated. I have also learned that taking time for yourself to relax is very important. There must always be a good balance between work and relaxing.


Having your own business requires a lot of self-motivation, what do you do when you feel your motivation lacking?
I am very grateful to have such amazing supporters- my family, best friends and my boyfriend- in my life. They always help to keep me motivated and this is what inspires me to keep on track.

Thank you Angelica for answering the questions and letting us all in on what it´s like to have your own shop. Don´t forget to check out the Theangelshoppe on etsy and Instagram!

BareMinerals overnight treatment review

Never have I ever had a skincare product make a difference overnight. I´m drinking to that, coffee, of course! The BareMinerals overnight treatment has just as it says whilst I sleep made a visible difference to my skin when I wake up the next morning! I know it seems weird even a bit scary to apply powder to your face just as you finally got that last bit of makeup off but sometimes we need to embrace the different!

The BareMinerals overnight treatment claims to reduce the appearance of pores, increase luminosity and deliver faster cell turnover-resulting for miraculous skin-renewing benefits. As far as cell turnover goes it´s obviously hard to actually know if it´s true but as far as the other bits go I could legit see it after the first time having used it. My skin was glowing. And know we are not talking some low-key light glow, we are talking full on JLo action. I could also see that the areas where I have the most pores looked smoother and makeup went on easier as well over it which is a huge plus. The product is also supposed to help improve your skin tone and it is available in a few different shades to match with your skin tone, I am in the shade clear.

If you want to hear me ramble on. And on. And on. About this product than you are in luck as I did just that in a video a few weeks back.

The eyeshadow look that never fail

Although it´s fun to play around with different eyeshadows from time to time I do have a safety card up my sleeve to use when all else fails because this look is bullet proved. You all probably know what I’m talking about: the bronze eye!
IMG_1509As far as shadows goes there is really no need to give you specifics as there are endless brands who sports these types of shadows but for all you curious people out there I only used the Naked2 palette to achieve this look. I love mix between shimmers and matt shades! I used a gold shimmer all over my lid and then layered that with two shades of matt brown in the crease and outer corner. It took less than 2 minutes! However the finishing touch that really brings the look together is the eyeshadow liner. I used a matt dark brown shade as a liner and it´s so much easier that using liquid liner and in my opinion prettier. Personally I love a think line as it makes my lashes look fuller, but each to their own!