Vintage suitcase room decor

Today I thought I would pop in here, in my littlecoffeebreak world and share an outside the box way to decorate your room which doubles as a storage unit. My slightly DIY:ed suitcase.


IMG_6602 IMG_6597I bought my old styled suitcase at a thrift shop and to make it a bit more me I added a cute floral wallpaper to the inside of it making it look really pretty when opened. In it I just placed some books, which I needed some storages for, as well as a candle making it look so cosy for fall time! I really love my little suitcase but what do you think about it? Let me know in the comments! I love hearing your opinions!

Three choices of lip balm


  1. Dior Crème de rose – Smoothing plumping lip balm
    This beautyguru lip balm favourite has been seated at my nightstand table for quite some time and I have to admit that I have pretty much used up the entire pot. The fact that I have used it pretty much up is a good way to start a review as it is one of the best grades you can give a product. The balm feels light on you lips and has a luxurious scent to it. I have been using it morning and night but this is a balm I would highly suggest wearing with your makeup look as it enhances the look of your own lips.
  1. The body shop lip butter
    This lip balm, or butter as the body shop has names it, comes in many different flavours which is a plus if you want to personalise it to your own personality. The one I have is the Mango one and compared to the body butter in the same scent this one is a bit sweeter. The consistency of this lip balm is more of your classic Chap Stick style and adds a bit of shine to your lips. An overall okay product!
  1. Nuxe Lip balm for dry and chapped lips
    I love this lip balm, it´s my definite currant favourite. The texture is so rich making it feel almost as a deep conditioning for your lips which at lest my lips have had a need for due to the fact that the weather is changing. What makes this balm special is that it dries matt making it perfect under lipsticks and glosses. But what I like about this lip balm the most is the matt finish on its own. It gives your lips a almost velvety look making your lips look a bit extra kissable! Oh and the very citrusy scent makes the balm feel really fresh.


Do what makes you happy

Hi! Today I’m sharing some rambling thoughts on I guess life so you better bring your snorkel because it´s just a tad bit deep.

Even though I´m an 18 year old girl I´m truly a granny at heart as my dream scenario of a perfect evening would be at home with a steaming hot cup of green tea. I´m aware that that might not be everyone’s idea of a perfect night and that is exactly my point with this blog post: Do what makes YOU happy!


I todays society there is a lot of stereotypes and ideas of how we should be and act for example in different stages in our life and being 18, or 21 in America, can for some feel pressuring as the typical stereotype of how you should be at that age might not fit all. I have found myself a lot of times not being completely honest with people in my life just because I have been scared they would find me weird rather than just embracing what I want to do and who I want to be. I
didn´t dare to start a YouTube channel for so long because I was scared that others wouldn’t approve but than I realised that I’m me and I’m going to do what makes me happy. I´m a tea drinking, cosy loving and blogger obsessed granny at heart 18 year old and that okay because
it´s me. Now I want to now what truly makes you happy?

Tea party #6|A post card from Paris

It´s Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday! Okay I thing you get it´s Friday and that I´m really excited for it. Not just because it´s the beginning of the weekend but also because it means I get to write this weeks tea party post which is actually a postcard from a brunch in Paris when I was there this summer. It´s was such a Littlecoffeebreak moment* and there for it´s perfect for our Friday Tea party.

One morning we stopped for brunch at le pain quotidian and they had the most amazing food! But my favourite part was probably the coffee served in the most beautiful cups.IMG_5430kaffee3

IMG_5430kaffe2I decided I wanted something quite light and went for a fruit salad but my sister went all out ordering their quinoa porridge, kind of which I had tried it because it looks so good!
IMG_5430frukt IMG_5430frkut23 IMG_5430grötHave a great weekend and I´ll see you on Monday with an exciting new video! * Sending you hugs*


Hairstyles: The weekend edition

I´m aware it´s Thursday today but since the weekend isn´t that far away I thought I would share last weekends hairstyles to get us all excited for the weekend to come!


Saturday’s hairstyle was a half up half done one! I twisted some of my hair from the front back and just left some of my bangs out, to frame my face a bit! To hide the bobby pins used to pin the hair back I simply just wrapped some hair around them! Did that make any sense? Hope it did otherwise let me know in the comments!


Sundays for me equals casual so I just threw my hair up in a ponytail. Once again keeping some bangs out to frame my face and to give the hairstyle a messier look. I just love simplicity, don´t you?

Chanel Lumiére foundation review


Never had I ever thought that I would be sitting here today writing a foundation review on a recent discovery of mine since I pretty much have been using the same one for the last couple of years, the Clinique superbalanced makeup foundation. But today’s foundation review is not, believe it or not, a review of that one, but of the Chanel Lumiére foundation. I know, how spontaneous and crazy!

What should be noted about this particular product then? Well, this foundation has become what I reach for when I want a level of higher coverage to my look. This foundation manages to cover a lot using a little product. I actually find that it works better when you apply a bitt less, so definitely a less is more makeup item. But when applied somewhat carefully the results, oh the results, are pretty darn amazing! It turs your perhaps not so perfect skin into looking doll like. To be noted is that the finish of this product is really quite matt making it replicate your natural skin really nicely.

After having played around with the foundation, in the search for the perfect way to apply it, I find that the best way is to use a stippling brush as you can evenly distribute the product. Fingers work also but be carful not to cover your entire face with to much product as it can look a bit to heavy on. So what’s my final verdict then, if you feel like splurging on a good high coverage foundation, The Chanel Lumiére foundation would be a great pick!