A summer list.

What are you going to do this summer?
Breathe, feel the sun on my face, work, photograph random people I see, dream of the 60´s, write, scrapbook, read and enjoy the simple things everyday!

Are you going anywhere special?
Yes, I´m going to be visiting Copenhagen with my family and experience some adventures there. Other than that I want to be a tourist in my own city and see things here I haven’t seen before.

How long will you be on vacation?
3 magical weeks and then I start work at the craft store again, which I love… A LOT!


What is something you really want to do this summer?
Bathe! If there is something I really long for it is swimming in the ocean but unfortunately the weather have not allowed it yet, but soon hopefully!

What are you most excited about?
Getting some more free time to do what I love. To be able to stay up late on a Sunday and not having to stress about going up early the next morning for school.

What will you spend most money on?
Washitape, Stickers, Scrapbook paper, Stamps and anything else that could make my planner more beautiful!


What is your dream purchase this summer?
Humm, dream purchase… I would have to go with a polaroid camera, yes a polaroid camera would be very nice!

What do you want to tell yourself this summer?
To take care of yourself and live the life you want to live. Don´t do things just because you feel like you are expected to but do the things that make you happy! Don´t care what others might think of you. And don´t worry so much!


What will you be eating?

What will you be drinking?
Coffee, tea and smoothie. Those three things are probably what I love most in this life. Except my family. And my friends. And summer.

What will you be wearing?
50´s and 60´s inspired outfits, glitter shoes and lot´s of pastel nail polishes.

IMG_2469My favourite teas – A tea list

I want to combine two of my favourite things – tea and lists. Today, on this very sunny day here in Sweden, I felt it the perfect time to do so. I´m bringing you a list of the bestest teas I know to help sooth any worries souls because where there is tea there is hope.

△ Rose Green Tea -A simple blend that tastes as the name suggest like roses
△ Detox Tea – A blend of blend of maté, green tea and lemongrass leaving a very fresh taste.
△ Euforia Tea – A tasty blend of maté, chocolate and orange for when you are craving something sweet.
△ Strawberry green Tea – A green tea that tastes of summery strawberries.
△ BB detox Tea -A tea inspired by the bb beauty trend that supply the skin with all the benefits a bb cream would, doing so whilst tasting of citrus fruits.

I love all of these beautiful blends just as much so whichever one you try – you wont be disappointed.

IMG_2556Morning Makeup

Good Morning!
I want to share with you my excitement about something: It´s Tuesday morning! Perhaps you are sitting there on the other side of the screen eating your cereal whilst still in your PJs. I, you, we have an entire day ahead of us and that feeling you get in your stomach when you realise that is one of my all time favourite feelings. I love the morning time; I love it with a passion so to share some of that morning love I wanted to send you some postcards from my very early morning today. These postcards in particular are of my face, or more importantly, the stuff I applied on my face to get me ready for the day this morning.
With that I wish you a happy morning!

IMG_2597IMG_2578 IMG_2583


Coffee W. TheClassyItGirl

You always seem so happy in your videos but what do you do when you’re feeling blue to make yourself feel better?
Honestly, sometimes I just have a good cry because that’s such a cathartic process. I just kind of let it all go and immediately feel soooo much better – like legit, it’s a frees your soul. Also, I always keep in mind my personal mantra of “This too shall pass” and that’s such a comfort because you realize all the things that you’re going through will eventually pass and nothing lasts forever so why not just enjoy the ride right?! As a last resort, talking almost always helps because you can just vent out all your feelings and it has the same effect like having a good cry.

Today you are a successful YouTuber and blogger, how did your journey towards getting where you are today with Theclassyitgirl look like?
Well I’m kind of a perfectionist and over-achiever so I won’t personally call myself successful [but so happy you think that!]. I guess I really push myself and always remind myself that I can do better. I first started with a blog and was encouraged by some people to start doing nail tutorials [sooo crazy since I rarely do those now!] and from there it developed into a love for DIYs, beauty and lifestyle!

The journey was ridiculously hard in the beginning especially since I was cyber-bullied by a girl who I went to school with and she would call me ‘fat’ and so much other horrible things on twitter. I felt like that hate from her and from anyone else who hated on me, to be honest, really drove me towards being where I am today. I always say that haters and bullies are there to motivate you- they really add that fire to your flame so you can be even more successful in life!maxresdefault

When working for yourself, how do you stay organized?
OMG from my videos on YT you can tell that I am a mega organization freak!!! I cannot live without a To-Do list [one is open right next to me], my planner/agenda [oh hey there planner videos on my channel], a notebook for my blog and YT ideas anddddd a monthly calendar for an at-a-glance overview of everything. Oh, and I also would die without my black ink erasable pen! #OBSESSED

These things keep me on top of my game because I have a million things to do and when you’re working for yourself, everything falls on you- like you can’t blame anyone if you forget to do something etc so yea, WRITE IT DOWN!!maxreshdefault

How does an average day in your life look like?
Right now I’m in Toronto [I love to travel] so here’s how it goes:
8:00-8:30 | Shower & eat breakfast
8:30 -12:00 | reply to business emails, edit travel vlogs & edit my weekly video while sipping on some delish fruit infused H2O [DIY here!]
12:00 – 12:30 | Lunchhhhh
12:30 – 5:00 | could be anything from going out with some friends, reading [currently the Undomestic Goddess], working on my blog, videos etc.
5:00- till | Explore the city with my sister Paris!!!h

If you could film a collaboration video with any person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Hmmm this is a hard oneee. I love Gigi. She’s my fave person on YT and ugh omg I would just LOVE to meet her and film something with her. Tbh I have no idea what that would be but just to be around her would be amazing! Either way I would probably just be in awe so I would basically be speechless LOL

Wiii, how amazing and inspiring isn´t Roxy? It feels so special to have her here, as she is someone who always sprinkle light into my life with her videos and is someone I look up to a lot!
Don´t forget to visit her over at her beautiful blog and over on her YouTube channel!


Summer emergency kit

You know how the sun mixes with the shadows cast from trees onto wooden red walls during the summer time? That´s the view from where I’m sitting right now and it kind of looks like the wall is smiling at me which is a peculiar thing to notice and write in this letter to you but I thought it was a nice introduction to the summery things I wanted to tell you about next.


I have put together a summer emergency kit and stashed it in a box with a red cross on it, at lest that’s how I see it in my mind. These summer essentials include a hair band for the emergency of wanting to have been born in the fifties. The prescription reads to put on the headband and sprinkle on some imagination and just liked that: cured.

Next we have some beauty pieces. Piece number one is a lipstick, Mac´s plink to be precise, then we have the Gucci perfume and a pastel purple nail polish to be used when one needs some bibbidi bobbidi boo to cure dullness.


The last three items, the camera, sunglasses and necklace are to be used together. To cure boredom apply sunglasses and necklace and brig camera outside. Then spend exactly 28 minutes taking pictures outside.
The 28 minutes part is very important.


The polka dotty camera strap

Look what a little treasure I have found! I went for a little treasure hunt all over the internet and finally found the red cross on my map: A polka dotty camera strap colourful as the rainbow.

Lucky for you I’m willing to pass on my map so if you are interested in this amazing camera strap it can be found at the Candy leather Etsy shop!
Link here