What do you want in life?

IMG_5537dreamsI got thinking the other day about life dreams and aspirations and here’s a post summing all those thoughts up!

We don´t get to live a test life, this is it, this is my, your life. And I bet you have tons of dreams, just like me, that you so badly wish could come true. Perhaps it´s a dream job, a certain country you would like to visit or graduating high school. Sometimes these dreams can seem overwhelming and I have found myself being so scared of failing that I haven´t even dared to acknowledge what I really want in my life. But if you think about it, if this is our only life, than the only way you can fail is by simply not trying at all. What’s the worst that can happen? You don´t get another chance so you might as well go for it.

As I mention before a lot of things we want in life can seem very overwhelming but I got a really great tip once to create a life map towards your dream. Ask yourself, what do you need to do within the next ten years, 1-year or 1 hour to get closer to that dream? I for instance would love to write a book, but it can seem so very overwhelming! But if you think about it, an average book is about 80,000 words, which broken down, is 220 words a day if you want to finish your book in one year. When you break up a dream into small goals that you can do everyday it doesn’t seen so impossible anymore. That thought makes me very happy so I think I’ll end this post on that note.

Tea party #8|Filofax thoughts

IMG_5430filobildI have dearly loved my Filofax planner for quite some time now but it´s just recently that I have discovered my love for decorating it. I have always wanted to be a scrapbook and artsy person but the truth is I have always sucked at it. But I fell like I have trued my scrapbook fear around when it comes to my Filofax. It´s so relaxing to just sit and make a perhaps stressful week look super pretty. I think I need to get some more scrapbooking stuff for my little planner beauty and then I might share it with you, would that be a fun idea? Anyways I do have some Filofax essentials and if you are interested in knowing what they are they are shown in the picture below.IMG_5430filo22

This was the last post of the week but I´m so excited because I have so many fun posts and videos planned! And you know what that calls for? A mini dance party!

Once upon a time|Belle inspired makeup

PicMonkey Collage1232222I´m a huge once upon a time fan and in celebration of that season four is premiering on Sunday I thought I would share a makeup look inspired by one of my all time favourite characters from the show: Belle
Please keep in mind that this is just an inspired look and that this is just me playing around with some makeup, I’m not a makeup expert in any way!belle amekup 2If you´re interested in knowing how I created this look that please keep on reading and I will talk you through it.

Complexion: For the over all complexion I started of with my ordinary foundation base just to improve the look of my skin making it look a bit more flawless. Belle always has a pretty strong contour mixed together with a backswept strong berry coloured blush and so I tried to recreate that on my cheeks. For bronzer I used my Benefit Hoola bronzer and for blush I used makeup stores Sea shell blush.
Eyes and brows: The actress Emilie De Ravin who plays Belle has a lot thinner brows than me and so I just lightly filled mine in. For the eye shadows I just used my Urban Decay Naked2 palette. I applied the colour YDK all over my lid and than blending it together using Tease in the crease. I also tapped some Tease eye shadow all over my lid afterwards to make the look a bit more matt. Than I used a kohl black eye pencil as liner which I thought looked similar to what Belle wears in the photo. Belle has super flirty and curled lashes and so I curled mine before applying my mascara. If you wanted to go all out you could definitely wear false eyelashes with this look.
Lips: To finish of my look I applied a mauve coloured lip liner and than just topped it off with a light pink lipstick. For my choice of lipstick I used MAC Plink!
This is the finished look!IMG_6652  I also thought I would quickly show you how I would wear this look more casually so below is shown my belle inspired makeup look worn to school.IMG_6671

If you have any requests for other inspired makeup looks you would like me to do please leave them in the comments cause I would love to recreate them!

Positive influences on the Webb| Youtube

ositive webbLet´s just face it, sometimes after a long day we all like to escape into the great world of the internet in the hopes of seeing something inspiring or getting cheered up. That’s why I thought I would create a little guide to all my little places I like to visit when I need some precious me time on the Webb. Since I´m a big YouTube nerd this post is dedicated to the people in the YouTube world who make me happy. Next guide will probably be on blogs, how does that sound?

  1. ViviannaDoesMakeup
    This girl always puts a smile on my face as she creates mostly beauty videos but still manages to make then feel very personal. As I´m the nosiest person ever I love her weekly vlogging series where you get a peak into her life! She’s such an inspiration!
  2.  Zoella
    I always get cheered up when I get to watch a new Zoella video. She has such a sparkly personality that is simply contagious. Can we just take a moment to appreciate the beautiful makeup look in her last video, it´s simply perfection.
  3. Alex Ikonn
    When I need to get inspired this is the channel I turn to and always leave feeling like there is nothing I can´t do!
  4. Gretchen Rubin
    I´m a huge fan of Gretchen Rubin and her books and it´s so fun that she takes the questions of happiness into video format. I´m so looking forward to her new book about habits as it will probably come very in handy for me.
  5. My Planner
    It´s no secret I love planners and more specifically Filofaxes and one of my all-time favourite planner channels has to be My Planner. Just look at this setup, simply amazing!

    These are just some of my go to YouTube places and I have a ton more that I love; I feel a part two coming!

How I clean my makeup brushes

There are two main ways I like to clean my makeup brushes and let´s be honest the method of my choice usually depends on how much time I have to spear on a task like this one.

First of is spot cleaning which is a good option if you quickly, perhaps in-between different eye shadow colors, want to clean you brush. The way I do this is I use a brush cleaning spray. As of lately I have been using the Baremineras spray cleaner but any one will due. I simply just spray is on a paper tissue and wipe the brush over and voila your brush is clean, ready to be used.IMG_6271

In order to make your makeup brushes last as long as possible you want to, preferably once a week or every other week, give them a deep clean. I find that the best way to do so is to use baby shampoo. After having lightly rinsed the tip of my brush under some running water I swirl it on a towel, which I have previously applied a little bit of baby shampoo on. Make sure to really lather that brush up. After I have shampooed my brush I once again rinse it under the water to remove the dirt and the shampoo. When the water running through your brush is clean the brush itself is also clean. Make sure that when you leave your brushes to dry the bristles of the brush faces downwards a bit so that no water can run into the handle and damage the glue holding your brush together. I usually put my brushes on a rolled up towel! So remember no standing up straight brushes! You want to handle your treasured little makeup helpers with care.






Video: My everyday makeup

my everyday makeup thumbnail

Products used: 
Chanel Lumiere foundation
Makeup Forever Cover All Concealer
Clinique Line Smoothing Concealer
MAC Mineral Skinfinish natural
Benefit Hoola Bronzer
Chanel Tweed Pink Blush
Kicks eyebrow pencil
Elizabeth Arden Eye primer
Urban Decay Naked2 “Half baked & Tease”
Mac eyeshadow “Handwritten”
Lancome Virtuose mascara
Chanel Wild rose lipgloss